A new website for Steerious

Steerious unveils itself a lot today with its new website, spreading for the first time to the general public a clear explanation of its goals and features.

  1. The upper slider introduces the product and its general approach, with an interactivity designed to make our point easier to understand.
  2. The optimization topics section details each topic’s specifics, as well as the innovative “Overview” screen empowering you with a cross-topic digital strategy steering.
  3. Our about section tells you Steerious’s background tale, and gives you insight about its future.
  4. Follow our blog and our Twitter from our news section.
  5. Our contact section allows you to get in touch with our ambassadors at any time.
  6. We leave you with a few clients who are part of our beta iteration.

We are thrilled to show Steerious off today for the first time publicly, please feel free to let us know what you think of this new website! And most of all, please ask us questions about the product, this will allow us to make our message clearer and clearer!