An introduction to Steerious

Steerious is a revolutionary SaaS product including an innovative listening platform and advice from senior web experts, empowering you to pilot and improve your company’s cross-topic web strategy.


To always offer top-notch relevance, Steerious uses reputed listening platforms for its indexes (Opquast Reporting, Nikto2, …)

Sector-specific indexes

Soon in 2013, you’ll be able to compare your indexes to sector-specific indexes published by Steerious, but also to competitors of your choice.

Historical monitoring

Getting better or worse? Steerious remembers about everything it tells you, making it easy for you to compare.

What to do next?

There is always something to do to improve your digital footprint. And since Steerious is a nice lad, it always tells you what is the most relevant next step!

Straight to the point

1 minute of Steerious a day, keeps the strategic weaknesses away! Steerious is designed to always show you what you’re looking for, right before your eyes.


Steerious is a powerful and consistent overview, that makes your decisions easier across topics.

Your Steerious advisor

Steerious is also human! You can ask your Steerious senior advisor anything to make your decision process smoother. He oversees the daily actions that are done, and always gives enlightened advice.

Actions through silos

Steerious embeds a productivity module, optimized to encourage people to collaborate across departments.

Always on top of things!

Making a few steps the right way is nice; but carrying on walking is much better! Steerious shows you simple measures for you to make sure you’re still headed the right direction.

Optimization topics

In a nutshell, the Overview screen is designed to allow you to drive your cross-topic web strategy, and to check the outcome, on a daily basis.

Before Steerious

Each of your department had to build a long, detailed report about the current state of what’s going on online.

Ideally, the digital strategy department had to take the time to read the report, and to build an opinion.

Meetings about the latest reports, the ongoing actions and the assessed results are being held one after the other, but considering the time needed to build the report (but also so that everyone reads it), each assessment could only happen from time to time: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, sometimes even a year!

With Steerious

The Overview screen, designed to inform you in just one minute, gathers up all that information at a glance, updated daily:

  • All the indexes’ evolutions are immediately obvious.
  • The well-being and efficiency of current and past actions can be understood in a matter of seconds.
  • You can easily compare all the indexes to one another, to assess what is the most critical to do through your cross-topic web strategy.



The “protection” optimization topic takes a cautious care of online attacks affecting your brand, through people altering your company’s digital footprint quality (wilfully, or not) to use it for their benefit. Currently, we have noted as the main threats that our clients have to deal with:

  • websites using your brand to confuse the user in search of a positive outcome for the attacker (traffic acquisition, revenue increase, …)
  • websites using your brand to perform ads targeted towards your clients and prospects
  • websites using your brand to perform cybersquatting (wilful use of a domain name including your brand)


Steerious collects detailed information through time about the suspected websites and their attacks, allowing your Steerious advisor to help you open actions with your marketing department, or legal department, etc. in order to suppress those threats permanently.


The “visibility” optimization topic takes care of your company’s footprint through other websites. Currently, we have noted the following as the main issues in which our clients have interest:

  • observed performance of your SEO from targeted requests (for the user who’s looking for you exactly)
  • observed performance of your SEO from non-targeted requests (for the user who’s looking for someone who does what you do, and not especially for you)
  • your visibility on social networks, forums, blogs, …


Steerious emphasizes your least SEO-optimized websites considering each of their respective goals.

With the assistance of your Steerious advisor, you will assess the most essential actions to open in order to improve your global SEO. Steerious also gathers up your most relevant influencers, as well as the most meaningful stories about you on social media, blogs, …

Therefore, you will be empowered to use those results as opportunities to optimize your visibility.


The “quality” optimization topic empowers you to optimize your digital assets in production today, and those to be released in the future, to always drive you towards a better digital footprint. Currently, we stress on:

  • the front-end code quality of your websites, by automatically checking best practise (or lack thereof) about accessibility, usability, SEO, …
  • the security of your digital assets, by testing the potential security breaches found on your servers.
  • the actual speed of your websites, tested from a typical user’s technical context.


Steerious comes up with the most critical security breaches, the worst current practice in your front-end code (while explaining to you how to solve them), and the most simple and urgent ways to improve your website’s actual speed. As always, your Steerious advisor is there to help you understand and optimize your context.


Steerious’s tale

Steerious was born from a few field observations made by Clever Age’s web experts, back in 2011:

The industry as a whole tooled itself up progressively to deal with the web. Each organization’s departement launched various digital projects.

Today, those organizations are gradually getting aware of a need to synchronize those initiatives, to build a cross-topic web strategy.

The consequences are encouraging: companies successfully achieving this strategic synchronization are the ones recording the greatest successes online (as of e-commerce revenue, marketing impact, …)

This gradual awareness comes with a second one: there isn’t, to date, any product other than Steerious to address this need for cross-topic web strategy.

Therefore in 2011, Clever Age’s web experts, used to advising some of the greatest French players online, decided to create the product to solve their clients’ problem, and have been building it since.

To that end, we’ve involved our best web experts to build a cutting-edge solution: user experience, technical stability, …

Who’s Clever Age?

Clever Age is a web expertise and advice cabinet, operating in France and Switzerland since 2001.

Clever Age is an service agency, performing advice as well as building web projects, created in 2001 by experimented managers and covering the whole digital production chain: brand strategy, UX, design, online and offline user optimization, e-commerce, multi-channel, collaborative tools, CXM, … The team gathers about a hundred consultants and ensures a total coverage of the digital chain’s stakes.

Steerious advisors are all senior advising experts brought up by the Clever Age culture of excellence, and are all able to efficiently assist you on any kind of digital issue.

Find more information on Clever Age’s website.

Where is Steerious going?

Steerious is here to stay, and to keep being relevant for companies with strategic digital goals.

Steerious is most relevant when used by companies aware of the web’s strategic importance. It is all the more relevant for companies whose size and history make it a challenge to drive a cross-department strategy.

Steerious is here to stay: it is financially supported by the Oseo program (French innovation governmental program), and a winner of the PM’up Île-de-France award (grant supporting the most innovative projects born in the Paris greater area). Those supports will sustain Steerious’s ambitions through time, and its innovations to come.

Clever Age invested over 11700 man hours to build Steerious. This kind of an investment will be carried on in years to come, to always better fit their clients’ needs.

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