Call for beta-testers wishing to optimize their web strategy

After 11 years assisting prestigious clients throughout their digital strategy, Clever Age emits two bold visions:

  • The future of digital strategy for organizations will be a lot about feedback control. After years of polishing action processes, the close future will be about polishing listening processes, with solutions that are already around, and known as “listening platforms”.
  • The “siloed” approach, which is very often found in organization, is a definite weakness in regard to digital. An efficient and effective digital strategy will ultimately have to be cross-topic, synchronizing actions and strategies operated by the legal department, the marketing department, the IT department, …

Therefore, Steerious is truly a cross-topic piloting tool, steered by the listening through all the digital topics.

The product is about to be released in its beta version in January 2013, and the beta phase will last a minimum of 3 months; Clever Age will get in touch about it to some of its closest clients, to offer them to take part in this iteration for free, in order to make Steerious the most relevant product for ambitious digital strategies.

Feel free to get in touch with your contacts at Clever Age about this, we are very interested in your spontaneous application!

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